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Permanent Cosmetics
We believe that permanent makeup should enhance and restore your natural appearance. Our clients love eyelash enhancements which give the lashes a thicker appearance. Lip tinting and eyebrow powder are among our most popular natural looking procedures. Schedule your consultation today. Wake-up looking refreshed and youthful with our natural makeup enhancements. Prices start at $175. Consultations are required.

  • Microblading Eyebrows                       
  • Tinted Eyebrows
  • Ombre or Powder Brows                                                                                                
  • Eyeliner                         
  • Eyelash Enhancement                
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Tint                                                 
  • Full Lip 

Already booked? Congratulations on choosing Bella Joli for your
permanent makeup procedure. Please down-load,
read, and sign and return our procedure consent document. 

Permanent Makeup Procedure Guidelines