This application is for volunteers who are interested in modeling, which means allowing our artist to perfect their technique.  While we are thoroughly trained, licensed and certified a large part of our art is continued education and the practice thereof. Models receive HEAVILY discounted procedures to be a part of this learning process, because of this we cannot guarantee the outcome of the procedures.

Filling out this application will not guaranteed you to be selected for one of our modeling sessions. Models are selected based on the immediate need and there are many health conditions that must be met by each model candidate before they attend.
Here are the things we look for when looking for good candidates for models:

  1. models cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of procedure
  2. no moles, unhealed scars, or birth marks in the brow area
  3. no previous tattooing or microblading of the eyebrows
  4. no psoriasis or major acne in the eyebrow area
  5. no sunburns or burns in the eyebrow area
  6. if you've had joint replacement surgery you must be on antibiotics with a doctors note stating such

Please refrain from repeated inquiries into the status of your modeling application. We receive many applications and requests for models and we do our best to get to as many candidates as we can. Please email to receive your model application. [email protected]